This is the default About page for the Memory of the Islands : Gateway for Archival Networking (MIGAN) initiative.
The MIGAN project is designed to allow Caribbean institutions to make their archival collections available online or to make them more accessible on the internet.
The MIGAN project is led by CARBICA, the Caribbean Archives Association, which acts as the Caribbean branch of the International Council on Archives (ICA).
Its first achievement is a directory of Caribbean archival institutions developed with the ICA-AtoM software, in accordance with ICA standards.
Within two years, the initiative aims at two main results :

  • a common data base, open to all the member countries, that will inventory main collections and documents on the history of the Caribbean, kept in local repositories
  • a digital archive giving access to the most important records, either on the common history of the islands, or on the history of each of these islands.

Thus MIGAN will be a valuable tool for students and researchers, but also a resource for Caribbean schoolchildren and teachers, by the information it will provide on key facts of the “making of the Caribbean”.
You will find a presentation of the project designed for researchers on the website of the Association of Caribbean Historians
If you want to support or to join, feel free to contact Dominique Taffin, taffin@cg972.fr.